Studio Bredouw


Pleased to make your acquaintance.


Studio Bredouw was founded by Minnie Bredouw in 2017. Prior to founding Studio Bredouw, Minnie was a Creative Leader at IDEO, frog design, and With over a decade of creative consulting under her belt, her work has won awards from Webby, IDSA, Core 77, and an Edison Prize, and been featured in the World Economic Forum, TED, Bloomberg, and Fast Company, to name a few.  When not designing, she’s passionate about teaching, working with young people, and becoming a better writer.  

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For smaller collaborations, mentorship, and advising, Minnie will work with you directly to provide creative guidance and support. For large scale collaborations, Minnie has a large network of designers and can help build a team with the right talents for your unique challenge—whether it be user research, digital design, or creative strategy. 

Curious to learn more? Just ask.