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Studio Bredouw’s founder, Minnie, has contributed to thought leadership in the design for social impact space, with a particular lens towards education and inclusion. Part of this is she occasionally writes a design-centric article that might be useful to the broader design community. Here are a few for your perusal:


Breaking Down Barriers

JUL 19 2017

Five Exercises that Break Down Barriers


Walking into a room of strangers can feel daunting. Small talk is hard enough, and it’s even trickier to delve into deeper topics right off the bat. I chuckled when I found out that there is actually a term for the realization that every person has a story as complex as yours. But how do you unlock those stories with someone you've just met? [continue reading]


Designing Purpose

MAY 5, 2017

Simple Ways Design can Help you Explore Purpose


How many times have you heard a graduation speech that included the phrases “follow your dreams” or “pursue your passion”? While the intent might be to inspire, it can end up feeling pretty daunting, especially if you’re 18 years old. How might we enable students to design their lives and connect purpose to their education, both in school and out in the world? How might we get them closer to a life path that actually matters to them? [continue reading]


Designing with Teens

OCT 3, 2016

Approaches to Unpack Tough Topics with Teens


"What is sex?” A dozen 14-year-olds stare at me inquisitively as I stand in the center of a recreation room in Kalingalinga, Zambia. It’s hot outside. I can feel sweat beading on my forehead. What should I say? Should I answer? Should I ask someone else to respond, at the risk of the wrong information? Should I just change the subject? ... Working with teens (especially around sensitive topics) might mean rethinking how we classically approach design research. [continue reading]